Noelle Sandwith / Biography

Francis's daughter Noelle (1927-2006) was an artist in her own right with works in many media (drawings, paintings, engravings and photographs) held in several museums around the world. She was prolific although no detailed study of her body of work exists and her artistic estate was not organized during her lifetime. There is work to be done researching, finding, cataloguing, digitizing and preserving her artistic output. It is clear from recent exhibitions of Noelle's art in Australia and New Zealand that her work amongst indigenous peoples of those countries has real educational merit. Images of natives and their lifestyles remained scarce until much later in the twentieth century, hence the anthropological interest shown in Noelle's work by the British Museum in London, the National Museum of Australia and the Auckland Museum.

Obituary in The Times newspaper, 3 June 2006
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Obituary in The Guardian newspaper, 13 June 2006

Photo of Noelle Sandwith